Monday, November 30, 2009

Rod and Jean Return...

The end of the month is always busy for me because of producing our American RVer show. I also tend to wait until the last couple of days of the month before I get started on it. Then it becomes a marathon to complete before the first of next month, when it must be online. It is a self imposed deadline! So I was working on the show most of the day.

Peg was getting some new RV insurance squared away. We had contacted several insurance companies to see if we could reduce the price that Progressive now tacked onto our policy for the renewal, since I had the accident with the narrow, one lane bridge a few months back. We changed agents, but we ended up staying with Progressive at a slightly lower cost.

As you can see by the title of this entry, our friends Rod and Jean Bahnson,
who we saw briefly a few days ago, have now returned from Yuma and are going to be back in this area (Casa Grande) for a while. Bob and Marlene put together a dinner party so they, Peg and I, Rod and Jean and Hank and Lillie could catch up on what each of us were up to lately. Unfortunately, Rod and Jean did not pick up on the fact we were all getting together and Marlene finally called them to make sure they were on their way. Good thing, since they were not. It all did work out and we all had a great time. Bob cranked up his camera to capture the moment as you can see here!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Day 2009

This was a quiet, but really nice Thanksgiving. Peg prepared a pineapple casserole and pumpkin custard for desert and we drove over to Bob and Marlene's house for dinner at 2:30 in the afternoon. We ate, talked, played with their new dog Scout and then they broke out the Peg's and Joker's game board and we got refreshed on just how good Bob and I play together as a team against Peg and Marlene!!

I will admit that the "girls' beat us in the last game, but not without a fight! I do enjoy that game for some reason...Like I do dominoes! Now that several friends that play are together in this area, I am sure we will be playing games more often.

We had a fun time with good food and great company...No pictures though!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Milestone....Our 25th Wedding Anniversary!

Today is our 25th anniversary! How time has flown by. 25 years ago our minister asked Peggy to reconsider getting married to me (just a day before the wedding) because the test we took showed we were not that compatible! I often wonder if that minister is still married..........

As par for the course lately, I had a job interview at Dish Network in Phoenix in the morning and Peg had to work at Michael's Crafts (yes she did get a part time job) in Casa Grande at noon, so we really only saw each other at lunchtime. So we did not celebrate our anniversary....Yet!

I could have photoshoped our faces on another couples body having a great time in the Caribbean, but I chose not to exploit my talent!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

An Interview with the Churches in Benson

Peg had scheduled a video shoot with the Churches down at the Escapee Park in Benson, AZ for American RVer. Mike and Terri Church are authors of several travel books including Southwest Camping Destinations, Camping Mexico's Baja and Camping in Alaska, to name a few.

We arrived in the afternoon and met and talked with Mike and Terri
for a short while before setting up the camera equipment and starting their interview. They are really nice, laid back folks who have full timed for a lot of years and continue to love it. They travel to Mexico every year for the winter in their truck camper and live at the Escapee park in the spring and fall in their class C RV.

Look for the interview on American RVer beginning February 1st, show number 44. I think you will enjoy it!

We also visited with Dave and Marie Ostrander for a few minutes (since we were running late) and then trucked on back to Casa Grande for a late dinner with Bob and Marlene. Of course we were the reason the dinner was late!! It was a nice get together for a great dinner and we learned more about our two friends and they about us.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Birthday To Peg!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Peggy, happy birthday to you! As you probably guessed, today is Peg's birthday.

Well our day started out by driving to Chandler for a blood test for Jim. From there we drove to Mesa to look at potential RV parks in case Peg or I get a job in the Phoenix area. We drove past a few and went into a couple but none of them were really wonderful. We saw a bunch of Mexican guys waiting on several street corners, I am assuming for a job offer that day. You see these things in the movies but I was not sure that these "work round-ups" existed! Guess so!

Since I had set up a birthday party for Peg as a luncheon, we had to get back to Sunscape RV Park to pick up Stacey and Gail and then head down to the Olive Garden in Casa Grande for lunch. Bob and Marlene was to meet us there. Unfortunately, Hank and Lillie had other commitments that day, so they could not join us. We got there a little late (as usual) and as we were parking, Bob called and asked where we were. Guess we had them worried!

We had a good lunch and I had the wait staff get a cake together and, when they brought it, they sang a good luck song to Peggy that also mentioned that the luck would only last for one year so we would have to come back there for her next birthday to get another year of luck! Very cleaver!

Peg made a wish and blew out her one candle and we all had some cake (which was quite good). This was a nice way to celebrate her birthday since no one had to cook and we could all enjoy being waited on.

Of course Peg received several telephone calls from friends and family wishing her a happy birthday. I think she enjoyed her day (along with her gifts from me...a portable book light and a "shrug" which is a shoulder covering with sleeves!).

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Jim's Birthday 2009

Today is my 54th birthday! I only feel like I am 74.....Hey but check out the cool shirt!

Anyway, Peg had planned an evening dinner party here at the motorhome with some of our close friends here in Casa Grande. We were
having a cookout with sausage, peppers and onions. Who came you ask? Stacey and Gail, Bob and Marlene and Hank and Lillie. Everyone brought something and Marlene made one of my favorites, carrot cake!

The weather cooperated and the evening was just right. Since we have a nice patio, we put chairs out and turned the rope lights on and had good conversation with good friends. Of course Marlene also brought some party hats and since we are all party animals, we put them on! It was a good day for me and I am glad everyone could share it!

Thanks to Peg for getting everything together (and for my new jeans)...

Monday, November 9, 2009

The First Hike To Piccacho Peak

Peg was offered a ride to Piccacho Peak to hike to the "saddle" of the mountain. The saddle is about half way to the top and not as physically demanding as the second half of the journey to the top. It is still quite strenuous, especially for those of us who do not exercise as much as we should! Because of my ankle problem, I declined to go but Peg did go with Chuck, Elaine and Conrad, some of our close neighbors.

Apparently on this climb you need to "carb up" before you start your hike. Peg did not, so about half way up she ran out of steam and had to eat a granola bar and rest a short while. She did get her second wind and made it to the saddle. It took an hour to get there. It also took an hour to climb back down.

The weather was just perfect and the view was awesome! There are
cables in places so you can pull yourself up and you have to be careful of the loose rock. It is a long way down!! Hopefully, after conquering the saddle a few times, I'll attempt going to the top!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Trip To Benson-Escapees RV Park

We had been invited down to the Escapees Park in Benson, AZ by Dave and Marie Ostrander so we decided today, Sunday afternoon, would be a good time to go and check it out. Marie was not in town, visiting with their daughter in Boston, so it was good to give Dave some company.

We have had thoughts of putting our name in to the "pool" for this RV park to try and buy a lot. It normally takes between 5-10 years for your name to come to the top of the list to get an opportunity to get a site. The sites run around $6-8000, so it is really reasonable to buy in and that is why so many people put their name in.

Dave had his Windsor parked in the park and he wanted to show us all the amenities the Saguaro Co-op has to offer. The first thing we noticed is how wide the individual sites were. A pleasant change from many other parks. We saw the club house, the office (pictured), wood working shop, dining room (where a jam session was in progress) and the various sites. Each is on its own tier. This is nice because you can then have a view of the valley below.

We spent a couple of hours there and Dave was a great help in explaining the park. We will have to consider this as a possible winter option for our stays!