Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dog Sitting...

Since we no longer have pets, we got the opportunity to "dog sit" a cock-a-poo named Max for the owners of MCD Innovations.

Max is about 9 years old and he is a great dog. We had fun adapting to his world and he seemed to like living with us. For Memorial weekend, we all stayed at Clear Lake Park and looked out over the water.
We had Max for about 2 weeks and grew close to each other. Guess Max and I "bonded". It was sad to see him return to Dave and Carla but, as with being grandparents, it's nice to have the kids visit and also nice to have them go!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Visit With Family

Peg and I drove over to Peg's brother Sam and wife Louise's house in Denton (Valley View) Texas. Their kids, our niece and nephew, were there and we had not seen them for a while. I should say we had not seen Nancy, her husband Harry and her son Austin for a while. Son James lives in Fort Worth and we have visited with him a few times since being in Texas.

We spent the afternoon with them and were treated to a wonderful dinner. Nancy and her family live in Minnesota, so they had a long drive to get down to Texas. They had just purchased property across from their mom and dad so we may be seeing a move south soon??
We had about a 75 minute drive back to the motorhome so we got going before the sun got too low. It was nice seeing everyone again...