Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Elephant Bar

This is an excerpt from Bob Rea's blog which pertains to our visit to the Elephant Bar...Hope you don't mind that I used this.........

We had a little Monaco mini-rally at the Elephant Bar in Palm Desert this evening. John & Kristen Fraser (our token Canadian friends) have bought a winter RV lot at Outdoor Resorts in the Palm Springs area (well, our token "rich" Canadian friends), John suggested that we all meet for dinner. Us poor Americans pooled together enough money (for gas) to get out of our inexpensive membership RV park to drive to one of John's favorite restaurants. $$ sign's danced in my head. Palm Springs....rich Canadian....Elephant Bar....it has to equal $$. Elephant Bar's are a franchised restaurant, very moderately priced with a nice atmosphere. We had a great evening, catching up. Thanks John for the 20% discount. Pic top right, closes to back: Rod & Jean Bahnson, Jim & Peggy Grich, Bob & Marlene, Kristen & John Fraser.

It was a great fun filled evening and even the restaurant manager came to our table to, well, we'll let John explain that, but maybe it pertained to the 20% discount and evening specials.