Sunday, December 30, 2007

First Night On The Road Headin' West

Our first night on the road found us in Columbia, South Carolina. Because of our "incident" back home (see the last post), we got a late start so we drove as far as we could. Of course we hit rain shortly after we left Brunswick County, NC and it followed us the rest of the day (and into the night).

Here is our motorhome resting for the evening with the "Big Boys". Actually, compared to us, they don't look that big!! This is in the Flying J truck stop in Columbia.

Little did we know, we were in for a long stretch of rain the next few days....

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Leaving Ocean Isle Beach

The title is "Leaving Ocean Isle Beach" but it was not as simple as anticipated. As we tried to back out of our site at the Waterway Campground the front wheels of the coach started to dig into the sand and when they started to go down, the rear wheels started spinning, effectively burying the coach to the axles! After more than two hours of using the jacks to lift us out and then digging under the tires and placing boards for then to ride on, the 5 member "crew" (our neighbors) at the campground finally got us out. No damage except for the front hydraulic jack pad. It was bend up on two sides from the weight of the coach when a board placed under it broke!

So...The picture you see is after we got out and on the solid road. A memorable experience we are not wanting to repeat! I guess Mother Earth did not want us to go. The odd thing is that a couple of days before, I had to take the coach to the DMV for my Class B drivers road test (which I passed) and made it out and back in to the site with no problems....Go figure. Finally left the campground around 2pm in the afternoon, westward bound.