Saturday, July 16, 2011

We Arrive in Forest City, Iowa

Arrived in Forest City at about 4:30pm and headed for Pammel Park which is close to the middle of town along a bubbling brook. Because we do not own a Winnebago motorhome, we can not park on the Winnebago grounds, so we are happy to stay about a mile down the road at this park. There is more room between RV's. We stayed here last year as well. We were not facing the creek this time because we could not get satellite reception in the available sites.

Next to us were Don and Kim Greene of Harvest Hosts (see photo), a membership organization that allows you to park overnight at a variety of vineyards and farms across the country. They turned out to be nice folks and we went out to dinner with them later in the week.

Tonight was the celebration of the Puckerbush Festival in Forest City. They have a great fireworks display in the evening at the park, next to where the RV's are parked. We got our chairs out and moved to the edge of the park where the fireworks were directly overhead...Pretty intense! Good thing we had our Thermacell mosquito repellent unit with us because the bugs were terrible! That unit worked great!

Tomorrow we set up for the rally and we will be here all week. The second photo is of our booth here at Winnebago.

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